If you are reading this website and wonder who writes it , here is a little bit about me.


My name is Thunjira Trakransittikul. I grew up in Bangkok, Thailand. Got my round face and single eyelid from my grandparent, who move from China to Thailand since WWII. I finished high school from Saint Joseph Convent School (SJC) and went to Thammasat University, where I pursued my bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication (BJM).


I am currently a Lifestyle YouTuber. My Channel called Airrlikaa. Yes, You can say that i'm a newbie in this social media world. Seriously, It's took me 6 months to plucked up all my courgrage to start my very first YouTube channel in June, 2015. I made videos about all the things I enjoyed and make me feel happy. and I would like to express all my happiness to anyone who watched my videos.


My personal interests: I love traveling, fashion, beauty, food and photograpy. Fortunately for me, they seem to complement one another very well. You can get to know me more on my YouTube channel, where I share a peek into my daily life. Enjoy my videos!

About me

Thunjira Trakransittikul (Airrlikaa)

Lifestyle YouTuber